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Contract law

Contracts are the basis of all business: Put your activities on a solid foundation!

Contracts form the foundation for entrepreneurial activities. The individual and legally flawless preparation of contracts, which we provide for you, is the central way to prevent legal disputes. Often these are small mistakes and relatively simple specifications that are not taken into account when contracts are signed and lead to problems later on. These can be prevented by a timely legal review or by drafting the contracts with the help of white ip’s legal department. Make an appointment now, we are available for you in the premises of our law office in Dresden or online.

An experienced
Team at your side

Our contract law attorneys are available to assist you in drafting contracts and in the legal review and control of your contracts. Working together with lawyers or attorneys helps you to avoid mistakes regarding formalities, problems with content, violations of the law and the legal disputes that often result from them. You already have problems with old contracts and are confronted with a legal warning notice in contract law or litigation? We will also support you in this case.

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Preparation, conclusion and review of contracts

Challenges in German contract law

Formal requirements for contracts

In principle, the drawing up of contracts does not require any particular form, they can be concluded orally, in writing or even implicitly, if it is clear from the circumstances. However, there are numerous exceptions: in order for a contract to have been validly concluded, a special form must be observed for these. One example is the written form requirement, where a notarial certification of the contract is still required, for example, in the case of a property purchase. It is mandatory to observe the required form when drawing up a contract. There are legal regulations that may not be deviated from when drawing up the contract. If a contract does contain deviating provisions, these are invalid. In addition, for many contracts that can be validly concluded orally, it is recommended to nevertheless conclude a written contract. If disputes arise, a contract can be used as evidence, making it easier to assert any interests. Our contract law attorneys at white ip law firm will keep track of all special regulations and exceptions for you and help you draw up your contract and do so in the appropriate and prescribed form. Our attorneys and business lawyers are your contact persons for all areas related to contract law: from consulting, drafting to the supervision and execution of the conclusion of contracts in the private, labor law or corporate area. This includes, for example, shareholder agreements, license agreements, general terms and conditions, as well as employment contracts, service agreements or termination agreements.
Challenges in contract law

The content of the contract - useful agreements for business transactions

The content of a contract is subject to the contractual freedom of the parties, but even here there are legal provisions that must be followed. When drawing up contracts, care must be taken to ensure that they contain the relevant essential elements. If these are present, the contract is effective. In business transactions, the essential elements of the contract prescribed by law are not sufficient to sufficiently regulate and structure a contractual relationship. Many individual regulations are needed to provide clarity in case of doubt or disputed issues. So sind ergänzende Regelungen über die Vertragslaufzeit, Haftung und Haftungsgrenzen, die Kündigungsmöglichkeiten oder auch die Definition von besonders wichtigen Begriffen oder Einzelheiten sinnvoll

Risks in contract law

Inadequate preparation of contracts

If something was not sufficiently or not at all regulated in a prepared contract, the statutory provision is used. It may happen that the legal rules do not fit exactly to the specific case and to what you want to achieve. In such cases, you may be treated more adversely by the law. And differently than they would have liked – if you had decided on it yourself.

You have the opportunity to actively intervene and regulate these points within the framework of the law according to your ideas in the contract. As lawyers for contract law, we can support you in our office in Dresden (Germany) or online with the contractual design and also help you to avoid ineffective regulations.

It often happens that samples from the Internet, for example sample GTCs, are used for contracts. We would like to warn you against this, as the publicly available templates are often only partially tailored to the facts to be assessed and frequently do not do justice to individual entrepreneurial interests or do not comply with current case law. Even contracts created by artificial intelligence are often not free of errors and should at least be subjected to a thorough review by a lawyer.

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