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Humans have always tried to find new ways of communication, from cave painting to book printing to the development of radio and television.

The biggest revolution, however, has been initiated by the computer media, so that in the last few years there have been significant changes in human communication, which have also significantly changed the function of the media for a democratic decision-making process. This development has changed the content and legal issues in the context of media law. While IT law covers legal issues relating to modern, technically based media, the content of media law includes both modern and well-known media. It is primarily about issues of freedom of expression and freedom of the press and where these find their limits.

Medien- und IT-Recht



Counter-representation claims in the case of allegations of fact


Claims to cease and desist in the case of factual assertions and value judgments


Right to rectification


Claims for material and immaterial damages


Review of license and software agreements

We are at your disposal for all legal questions relating to media and IT law.
In the context of IT law, we review license and software contracts for you and advise you on drawing up the relevant contracts.
Our partner, white ip |, supports you so that you do not lose sight of the business aspects of media and IT law Business Solutions GmbH, gladly. Contact us.

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