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Often referred to as the little brother of a patent, are utility models industrial property rights for technical inventions.

In contrast to patents, the extensive requirements of novelty, inventive step and commercial applicability are not examined in the context of the registration procedure for utility models. As a result, utility model protection is quicker, easier and cheaper to obtain than patent protection.

In return, your invention only receives registered protection for ten years.
Due to the lack of a test procedure, there is a risk that the utility model will be attacked by others and possibly officially deleted. Therefore, it is important that a your utility model must fulfil the requirements of a technical IP right.
That is why you should be well advised by a patent attorney. We are there for you to discuss whether utility model protection makes sense for your idea. In addition, we carry out a product research so that your utility model can withstand a subsequent examination.
We represent your legal interests in all official, extrajudicial and judicial proceedings in order to enforce your property rights claims or if you are accused of violating the property rights of others.

To assure that your business can thrive simultaneously, our partner white ip | Business Solutions GmbH is at your disposal.
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