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Free competition is an economic achievement that is of particular importance in the context of a functioning social market economy. Different companies are in economic competition with one another.

Competition law should guarantee and regulate fair competition. As an entrepreneur, as a market participant, you should know what you are legally allowed to do vis-à-vis competitors and what you can do if your rights are violated. Competition law includes fair trading law – the right that regulates the relationship between market participants – and antitrust law – the right that regulates fair competition at the level of the state.
Those who have good legal advice on competition law gain an advantage over their competitors. Because care and prevention are the greatest virtues in this highly topical issue.




preventive advice on competition and antitrust law issues


Support in contract negotiations relevant to competition law, such as license negotiations


The drafting of contracts, for example license, distribution and settlement agreements


The review of old contracts for compatibility with current competition and antitrust law requirements


The defense against competition violations directed against you


Preventive advice on antitrust issues


Corporate transactions

We would be happy to advise you on all aspects of competition law. Contact us. Our partner, the white ip | Business Solutions GmbH, advises you on the economic aspects of intellectual property.

You build the future. We create the framework.

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