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Software-related inventions have become indispensable in large parts of technology in the age of digitization. However, programs for the so-called data processing system are explicitly excluded from patent protection by law. Of course, software (so-called computer-implemented inventions) can still be patented in certain cases. The patentability of software is therefore a very complex issue that requires the greatest care in practice.

Our patent attorneys are at your disposal for all legal questions relating to the patentability of your technical inventions.
For a data processing system to be patentable, it is not sufficient that it is controlled with the aid of a program. Rather, the technical idea must be formulated on the basis of a “technical teaching”. Accordingly, instructions must be included which solve a technical problem with the aid of technical means. These instructions, i.e. the technical teaching, are available for patent protection.




The review of your documents for a sufficiently clear and complete description of the technical teaching


The patent application at national and international level


Defending your rights under the patent against attacks by third parties


The creation of a corresponding set of agreements, in particular license agreements and distribution agreements

We specialize in patent law for you on a national and international level. Our partner, the white ip | Business Solutions GmbH, advises you on the economic aspects of intellectual property.

You build the future. We create the framework.

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