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About Us

We accompany innovations.

Strategy, protection and legal advice for your idea.

Ballon als Symbol für Innovationen und Erfindungen
Ballon als Symbol für Innovationen und Erfindungen
Ballon als Symbol für Innovationen und Erfindungen
Intellectual Property

We realize visions.

white ip group Gründer

An experienced
team at your side.

As a unit, we offer you both a legal advisory and a business perspective. The advantage here lies in the all-encompassing support, which brings immediate benefits for you.

Patent Law

As patent attorneys, we represent you in Germany, as well as on a European and international level.

Trademark Law

A brand is a figurehead for a company and at the same time the distinguishing mark towards its customers.

IP exploitation

Innovation and intellectual property are the basis for future further developments and resulting business models.

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Our Story

Time to become a star

Your moment has come – just a few more steps and the whole world will look at you. Your pulse beats steadily and relaxed. You know that you will not stumble in the fog that envelops the boards in a gentle weight. You are ready – safe. Without stage fright. It’s your big gig and you don’t get a second chance for it. The curtain opens. You look into the rolling headlights. Time to be a star. Applause! Your applause.
A person with a new idea is always a fool – until the idea has caught on – once wrote Mark Twain. Because every idea is first and foremost a good idea. And many a ridiculous idea became a world sensation in the struggle for recognition, success and awareness. Triumph or tragedy? The set screws for this are adjusted before the first appearance.
the white ip group works behind the scenes and prepares your idea for the big show. Our way of working can be illustrated using the hemispherical model of the human brain: Both halves of the brain are differently specialized. With the left, represented by the white ip patent & legal , As patent attorneys, we navigate legally sound through all areas of patent and trademark law and make intellectual property safe – even before the premiere. Our right half, represented by the white ip business solutions strategically develops ideas and supports them as a specialized management consultancy in their exploitation. Both units work together on an interdisciplinary basis. Together we will bring your idea to the big stage and make it a crowd favorite. Happy end.

Innovations are changing the world

Ballon als Symbol für Innovationen und Erfindungen
white ip Innovation


We support you in the development of your innovations and brand – from discovering current market trends to defining an optimal IP strategy for you



We protect your innovation, look after your patent applications and are your legal support in the event of property rights infringements.



Together we develop product and business models and advise you on internationalization strategies and market entries.


Optimization and further development

We support you in the analysis and optimization of your business processes. In addition, we are at your side in the further development of your company so that you remain innovative.

You build the future. We create the framework.

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