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Patent law

You have invented an everyday object or a high-tech product? Protect your technical invention with a patent.
Patents are technical property rights with a high degree of validity. They convey a spatially limited protection that is limited to a maximum of 20 years.

Accordingly, German patents and European patents with effect in Germany confer an exclusion right on their owner that prohibits third parties from using the protected invention without the owner’s consent. This protects the technical invention from unauthorized access by others. And thus prevents financial damage.
By publicizing your invention, you also provide others with motivation and a basis to drive innovative inventions themselves. And thus contribute to technological progress.


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Claiming a patent

We would be happy to work with you to develop a strategy on how you can successfully protect your idea.


Patent research

We research patents – in a professional manner.


Patent attorney

We are happy to represent your concerns and help you to implement your entrepreneurial ideas.


Patent infringement

In order to protect you from any kind of patent infringement, we, as patent attorneys, are at your disposal as a competent partner right from the start.


Patentability assesment

We would be pleased to prepare a patent report with you in order to check the protectability of your patent.

The patent attorneys and attorneys at law of white ip | Patent & Legal represent your legal interests in all official, extrajudicial and judicial proceedings. We are here for you to enforce your claims and to defend you in infringement proceedings. We specialize in patent law for you on a national and international level.

white ip | Business Solutions GmbH advises you on the economic aspects of intellectual property.

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Patente und Patentrecht

Patent law

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