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Trademark law


Owners of a registered trademark, a company name or an unregistered trademark, which is perceived as a trademark due to its constant use in business dealings, have the right to defense against trademark infringement. A trademark infringement exists under certain conditions.

First of all, it is necessary that the owner of the trademark right can have an older right to the trademark. In short, this means that the trademark law / trademark must have been created before the potentially infringing mark. If this is the case, which is up to a decision on a case-by-case basis, it is also necessary that the infringing mark is identical or similar to the earlier mark. Further explanations at this point are more than extensive. In this respect, we would like to refer you to your trademark attorney, who will represent you with regard to any trademark infringement and show you the opportunities and risks.
Patent infringement - Patent Atourne is key
Schild als Schutz des geistigen Eigentums
Patent infringement - Patent Atourne is key
Trademark law

Trademark infringement

In contrast to a substantive right, a trademark infringement is an infringement of an immaterial right. In the area of the violation of immaterial law, property values / amounts in dispute of amounts in excess of 100,000 TE are to be classified as normal. This means that there are considerable process and cost risks associated with trademark infringement. We therefore recommend the advice and representation of a lawyer specializing in trademark law who has sufficient experience with potential trademark infringements and trademark disputes.

A trademark infringement includes different claims:


Right to cease and desist


Right to cancellation


Right to information


Creation of trademark reports

Trademark law


If you have committed a potential trademark infringement or discover that your trademark rights are being infringed by third parties, our lawyers who specialize in trademark infringement are at your disposal. We advise you transparently and represent your interests efficiently and professionally. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. On the one hand, we can guarantee you short-term appointments. Furthermore, it is possible for us at any time to provide you with the right contact person for your special case / process. We also represent you in interim injunction proceedings at all instances and obtain warnings if your trademark rights are infringed.

white ip | Patent & Legal sees itself as your specialized attorney for trademark law in the national as well as international area and furthermore serves clients as a trademark attorney in Dresden, Munich, Berlin and Leipzig.

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