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Copyright law

In the age of global interconnectedness and the rise of artificial intelligence, there are massive threats to copyright, both in economic terms and in terms of personal rights. The distortion of creations is more difficult to prosecute due to easier access to anonymity, as works can be more easily passed on and quickly disseminated without the author’s consent.

Copyright protects the creators of intellectual works from distortion and unauthorized distribution of their works. Without this copyright protection, a decline in the creative output of works could be expected and, consequently, an impoverishment of intellectual life. Copyright is therefore of great importance for the cultural development of our society.
On the one hand, the Internet simplifies the dissemination and publicity of works, but it also poses a multitude of new, complex questions with regard to liability, sanctioning and the prosecution of copyright infringements. And this across existing national borders.

We are at your disposal for your legal questions about copyright.

Copyright law

Main areas
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The judicial and extrajudicial enforcement of copyrights


Proof of your own authorship



The defence against copyright infringement claims

Our lawyers are at your disposal for all legal questions related to the proof of your copyright in a work up to the enforcement of your copyright claims in order to guarantee the best possible protection of your work.
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Patent & Legal

Information on German copyright law

The lawyers in our firm represent your interests in intellectual property law and copyright law.

Copyright law is an area of law that has experienced above-average activity for quite some time. This results, among other things, from the fact that a large number of law firms have now specialised in mass warning letters against alleged copyright infringements. Therefore, it is important for companies and traders to know what course of action is mandatory in the event of cease and desist letters received and to what extent cease and desist letters per se can be avoided.

We have a strongly interconnected perspective on all matters related to copyright and media law.

These are, among others, the areas of trademark law, IT law, competition law, media law, trade mark law, patent law and data protection law. In the area of copyright law, we are particularly adept at correctly setting up websites, educating you on the correct citation of copyrighted texts and the use of images, carrying out a complete and detailed check of your internet presence for infringements that can be warned against, advising you on the legally compliant use of social media (corporate and social influencer marketing, advertising labelling obligation) and providing you with support.
In a serious case, we defend you in the event of warning letters received and assist you in drafting modified cease-and-desist declarations.

We are also specialised in all areas related to the homepage of a company, the legal structuring of contractual relationships and other related issues.

You build the future. We create the framework.

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