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Intellectual Property

The world’s most innovative companies file more than 230,000 patents a year in Germany and Europe to protect their inventions and simultaneously promote research. Throughout this process, you will be supported by a patent attorney who offers specialized technical expertise as well as crucial legal knowledge. A patent attorney gains a detailed and thorough understanding of each invention to assure its valuable property rights. In addition, he develops optimal strategies for companies and their product portfolio.

White ip | Patent & Legal advises you on all kinds of intellectual property matters on both a national as well as an international scale, as we represent clients in Germany, Europe, China, and the United States.

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Patent infringement - Patent Atourne is key
Patent infringement - Patent Atourne is key

Patents are industrial property rights
that can be used to protect your technical inventions.

Patents are industrial property rights that enable you to protect your technical inventions. This process includes an examination for formal defects and an assessment for patentability. A state institution consequently grants a patent under the provisions of the Patent Act. The bureaucratic standards, applied to the granting and thus ultimately to the creation of patents are increasing steadily. In order to obtain a patent, it will firstly be examined by a national institution in accordance with the provisions of the Patent Act. This examination contains an assessment on both formal aspects as well as the patentability of the invention itself. The acquisition of a patent and, consequently, the acquisition of exclusive rights to your inventions, are subject to a number of administrative requirements.

Patent & Legal Team

As a licensed patent attorney before the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA), the European Patent Office (EPO), and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), we assure the protection of your ideas through patents, trademarks, designs, and utility models and we take care of the bureaucratic processes such as searching, filing, protecting, and enforcing your property rights. Your professional success is our highest priority.

For us, legal advice is more than just a juridical service. Our many years of professional experience and subject-oriented expertise have taught us one thing: Taking on the time-consuming task of dealing with bureaucratic and legal issues and collaborating with you to create an intellectual property strategy tailored to your idea and invention, allows you to realize your ideas to their fullest potential. As your patent and trademark attorneys, we efficiently build a business foundation that allows you to devote all your creativity and energy to your project, while we take care of the rest. We are here for you.

We are more than solely a legal service provider. We would like to be your trustworthy companion, creative initiator and all-around supporter from beginning to end. While you are free to fully concentrate on your strengths, we provide advice that meets your requirements. Therefore, we offer you an experienced and interdisciplinary network of experts and specialists to whom you, can turn to for additional project-related input. Through this framework of collaboration, specialized knowledge, and professional experience, you will be able to realize your project with an even greater promise of success. Our holistic support of your project by at least two experts and the quality assurance of our interdisciplinary network grants you the success your project deserves.


Patent classification

The patent classification depends on the different areas of technology to which the patent pertains. Other crucial factors include the use reserved for the patentee as well as the manner and conditions under which the invention is put on the market and thus made available to the public.


Product Patent

Protection of the design, construction, and composition of an object which fall within the scope of the inventive product.


Process Patent

Protection of the utilization of a process belonging to the inventor.

Patent & Legal

Patent law

As patent attorneys actively working in patent law, we offer patent prosecutions, patent search, and representation in patent infringement cases.

Patent & Legal

Trademark law

As a trademark attorney active in trademark law, we carry out your trademark research, carry out the necessary trademark registration and represent you in trademark disputes.

Patent & Legal

Design law

Products from different companies often show a distinct similarity in their functionality, rendering the external appearance the more important as it is the only way for consumers to distinguish between different products.

Patent & Legal

model law

Often referred to as the little brother of a patent, are utility models industrial property rights for technical inventions.

Patent & Legal


The vast majority of technological inventions originate from the research departments of industrial companies.

Patent & Legal


Free competition is an economic achievement essential for a functioning social market economy. Different companies are in economic competition with each other.

Patent & Legal

Media and
IT law

Human beings are constantly trying to find new ways to communicate, from cave paintings to letterpress printings to the development of radio and television.

Patent & Legal

Copyright law

With the beginning of the digital age, the question of copyright has been the subject of massive impairments both in economic terms and in terms of personal rights.

Patent & Legal

Contract and license law

Due to the commercial exploitation of your intangible rights, license agreements represent an important building block of your success.

Patent & Legal

Software law

The age of digitalization rendered software-related inventions indispensable in many technological areas. Yet the law explicitly excludes programs for data processing equipment from patent protection. However, under specific circumstances, software can be patentable (so-called computer-implemented inventions). It is that inconsistency that makes the patentability of software a highly complex subject requiring a high level of care and expertise.

You build the future. We create the framework.

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